Philomena Härdtlein

Project assistant

Philomena Luna Härdtlein completed her BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology at LMU Munich with her autoethnographic thesis on different cross-connections of local Italian artists to the Venice Art Biennale, Italy. Her engagement with curating and displaying her own art projects shaped her general interest in the art of exhibitions and let to her involvement in the student curation of African photobooks at the ZI Munich (central institute of art history). Philomena combines her passion for art and photography with her current research focus, namely studies of body practices, anthropology of art, art history and museum anthropology in her MA studies in visual anthropology.

For more information, read about the exhibition project Photobook Africa: Tracing stories and imaginery, Recollecting Rapa Nui, and Philomena's BA project in Venice in 2019.