24 Jan 2023  |  Vilsoni Hereniko

Best Animation Short of the Year at Los Angeles Indie Short Fest

A true story: Eight women from Santa Rosa wanted to see a movie set on their home island of Rotuma. And so they got in their cars and traveled to Los Angeles where the film was a finalist for "Best Animated Short". Guess what - the film they went to see won! The director could not be there so they ended up accepting the award on his behalf and will deliver it to him later in the year! A huge THANK YOU to Maria Brigid Verson for accepting the award on my behalf. And another THANK YOU to the whole team, but especially to Laura Margulies, Gavin Arucan, George Wang, and Philipp Schorch, as well as the University of Hawai'i and the European Research Council for funding this film that was made during covid!

Watch Sina ma Tinirau here and visit Vilsoni Hereniko's website for more information.

collage film award web 2Photos: Maria Brigid Verson