21 Oct 2020  |  Philipp Schorch

Un-/Re-doing museums beyond critique

Advocacy, Indigeneity and Religion (University of Edinburgh)

Panel discussion (online)

10 Sep 2020  |  Philipp Schorch

What next to DO with this heritage?

Material Culture in Transit (University of Bern, Centre for Global Studies, in co-operation with Bernisches Historisches Museum)

Conference talk (online)

31 Jul 2020 - 29 Jul 2022  |  Ira Eue et al.

Vernetzt, verstrickt, verwoben: Anziehendes aus dem südlichen Abya Yala

Museum Fünf Kontinente in co-operation with LMU Munich

Student exhibition 

02 Jun 2020  |  Manuel May Castillo

Indigenous heritage practice: Contentious uses of the past, and local Indigenous communities’ responses

Past Worlds across Time and Space: Grasping the Transcendence of Cultural Heritage and Communication (University of Bonn)

Conference talk (online)

28 May 2020  |  Manuel May Castillo

Mayan heritage and land preservation

Race, Activism and Space in Latin American Theory and Practice (University of London, Institute of Latin American Studies)

Conference talk (online)

21 Feb 2020  |  Philipp Schorch

Two Germanies: Ethnographic museums, (post)colonial exhibitions and the ‘cold odyssey’ of Pacific objects between East and West

Charles University in Prague

Seminar talk