10 Oct 2022  |  Philipp Schorch et al.

Vā Kōrero

St Paul Street Gallery, Auckland

Guest lecture, 4 pm

07 Oct 2022  |  Philipp Schorch et al.

NFTaonga Hui

Media Design School, Auckland


24 Aug 2022  |  Ruben Darío Chambi

El “comer bien” en El Alto transición nutricional e identidad en el comercio informal alteño

Annual Meeting of Ethnology (RAE), La Paz

Conference paper, 5:30 pm

30 Jun 2021 - 01 Jul 2022  |  Philipp Schorch et al.

Materiality – museology – knowledge: „Neues Licht aus Pompeji“

LMU Munich

Workshop/Exhibition discussion

21 Jun 2022  |  Diego Muñoz

A 'Tahitian-type monarchy'? Atamu Tekena and the Rapanui government at the time of the Chilean annexation

10th International Conference on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and the Pacific, Leiden

Conference paper, 1:30 pm