Philipp Schorch et al.

New cosmology

Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) research focus

The idea that a "well-designed" order is embedded in the cosmos is widespread across many cultural regions and epochs. One could argue that myths of origin, creation and genesis, which ascribe an intentional logic to the world as a whole, correspond to an anthropological need and can therefore be found at all times and in all cultures. The aim of this CAS research focus is to deal with various cosmologies from the perspective of philosophy, theology, ethnology and (astro)physics, to analyze their structures and to compare them with current research models.

The interdisciplinary working group is joined by scholars from the fields of (theoretical) astrophysics, biophysics, catholic theology, egyptology, ethnology, history of science, mathematical physics, particle and nuclear physics, philosophy of religion, and statistical and biological physics.

See also the previous CAS research focus on Materiality - Museology - Knowledge.