Ida Yoshinaga

Georgia Institute of Technology

Alternative and ethnic media scholar Ida Yoshinaga studies diversity in content, and equity in production, for “scripted” mass-media audiovisual narratives, via the formal tools of science fiction and fantasy (sf/f) genre studies. Researching industry case studies of sf/f cultural production as a political economist, media-convergence theorist, and screenwriting instructor of speculative and fantastic storytelling forms, she works to decolonize this family of non-realistic genres, so as to move the relatively new subfield of Indigenous Futurism towards the centre of contemporary sf/f genre theory. Her scholarship lies at the intersection between science-fiction technocultures, rhetorics of fantasy, fairy-tale and folkloric formalism, creative labour, transmedia production studies, and Indigenous studies. 

For more information, read about Ida's current project NIU voyaging into the future and visit her webpage.