Diego Muñoz

Postdoctoral researcher

Diego Muñoz has a PhD in Social Anthropology, Ethnography and Ethnology from EHESS, France. Since 2005, he has been studying Rapa Nui (Easter Island) from an ethnographic and historical viewpoint. His research focuses on the connections of Rapa Nui with Chile and French Polynesia, with particular attention to the history of the Rapanui diaspora, the cultural identity making process and the contemporary relationship with the past. In his doctoral thesis, he shows that the Rapanui are part of a diasporic, interconnected world: they are Indigenous people of Chile, belong to the “Polynesian triangle” and are holders of Indigenous rights under international law.

For more information, read about Diego's current projects, Māori RapanuiRecollecting Rapa Nui and Thinking through islandness, and visit his LMU webpage.