26 Feb 2021  |  Cristián Moreno Pakarati

Rapanui people in historical photographs: The quest for complete identification

Over the last decade, I have been fascinated by old photographs from Rapa Nui (aka “Easter Island”) as historical documents. Not only...

29 Jan 2021  |  Ida Yoshinaga

Making “niu” narratives: Oceania’s Indigenous mediamakers and the global coconut archive

As long as I can remember, I have helped narrators craft stories. It is a kind of magic: to embolden their machinery of narrative...

20 Dec 2020  |  Gabriele Herzog-Schröder

Dando vida a las fotografías Yanomami

Para muchos pueblos amazónicos, los medios visuales como la fotografía se han convertido en los últimos años en un recurso clave....

27 Nov 2020  |  Gesa Grimme

Netzwerk für nachhaltige Forschungsstrukturen im Bereich koloniale Kontexte gegründet

Am 23. November 2020 wurde eine Kooperation für den Aufbau nachhaltiger Forschungsstrukturen zur Bearbeitung von Sammlungs...

01 Oct 2020  |  Noelle M.K.Y. Kahanu

E moe loa – To sleep the long sleep

In the midst of a pandemic, as a hurricane loomed days away, we met at the top of a mauna, under the rising Hoaka moon. A few dozen...

04 Sep 2020  |  Vilsoni Hereniko

NIU – The tree of life: An island fable for today and tomorrow

Read or listen to affiliated researcher Vilsoni Hereniko's island fable.