22 Nov 2021  |  Ruben Darío Chambi

El Alto: Indigeneity in an Aymara city

I am from El Alto, one of the youngest cities in Bolivia, not only because of its recent creation (1985), but also because at least...

01 Oct 2021  |  Sara Riordan

Island cooking: Portraits of Sāmoa. Told through food

What does Sāmoa taste like? Taro? Palusami? Chop Suey? I’m sure if you were to ask 100 different Sāmoans, you’d get 100 different...

07 Sep 2021  |  Vilsoni Hereniko & Philipp Schorch

Sina ma Tinirau: An oral tale set on Rotuma, Fiji

Watch the recently released trailer for Sina ma Tinirau. The animated short film will come out later this year.

05 Sep 2021  |  Mahina Choy-Ellis

Native Books Hawaiʻi: Meet our authors — Philipp Schorch and Noelle Kahanu

Refocusing Ethnographic Museums through Oceanic Lenses offers a collaborative ethnographic investigation of Indigenous...

31 Jul 2021  |  Philomena Luna Härdtlein

Expressing “inner form”: Two moai kavakava in August Macke’s collection of forms

"Man expresses his life in forms. Every art form is an expression of his inner life. The exterior of the art form is its interior"...

30 Jun 2021  |  Diana Gabler

In-between spaces: Creating a ‘thoughtful’ conservation approach

As an external contract conservator specializing in the care and treatment of cultural materials, I am currently working at MARKK...