28 Jul 2020  |  Clarissa Bluhm

Feeling Christi Belcourt's art

When going to an art gallery or a museum, the last thing I would probably do is to touch the surface of a painting hung up on the...

14 May 2020  |  Manuel May Castillo

Research and ceremony in the Mayan region

[In English and Spanish] As an Indigenous researcher, with one foot in academia and the other in Mayan communities, I often feel...

13 May 2020  |  Diego Muñoz

¿Cómo desentrañé la historia oculta de la diáspora rapanui en “Polinesia Francesa”?

Abril 2006, Lázaro Hotus Ika tallaba unas estatuas Moai en el mercadillo de artesanía indígena en Santiago de Chile conversando...